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UV Tanning Beds & Booths

  • We offer lay down beds and stand up booths. 

  • Facial tanning lamps offered in all level beds. 

  • Premium beds offer both facial & shoulder tanners. 

  • Different beds and booths offered for various skin types and tanning goals. 

  • All memberships and sessions includes all beds and booths at no upcharge for higher levels. 

  • Tanning consultants are smart tan certified and will ensure proper eyewear is being used for your tanning session. 

  • Our premium beds are a 12 minute maximum and provide a large canopy for comfort. 

  • Our elite 8 minute stand up offers the strongest bulbs and best of all no tan lines! 

Lotions, Bronzers and Skin Care

  • We carry an array of top selling uv lotions. 

  • From accelerators to bronzers we offer the perfect lotion for your skin type.    

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